Hiya Psy Fans!

This Psy Fan Club has been created by someone just like you! A Fan! (^_^)

A fan club by a fan for the fan…

Please be patient as the site is being set up so we can interact with each other and keep updated on what Psy’s been up to… also, I am planning a Psy Fan Club Swag Giveaway… Official Oppa Gangnam Style Merch! (At this point I’ll be buying everything out of my own pocket. Lots of cool stuff in the works! To be one of the Original Psy Fan Club Members… Join Here! – currently creating/updating this for you! It will be ready SOON!)

Please do use the Contact Page to send me ideas on how to improve our psy fan club!

Thanks for your support,
Oppa Yoon

9 comments on “About
  1. lufffy says:

    Am I the first one here :D? BTW, I heard the PSY fans are called PSYcho’s or just cho’s. Anyways I will support your site since I’m a YGstan. I was already a fan of PSY since the song Right Now came out. But I could never find a fanclub, atleast an international one. Thanks for the effort for making one! Now I can visit another fanclub besides YGladies for 2NE1 and bigbangupdates for BIGBANG.

    • Yoon says:

      Congrats lufffy! Yup, you’re the 1st one on the ‘About’ page… w00t! I’ve been telling people about PSY being short for Psycho… was wondering about what to call Fans… now I know! (^_^)

      I was really surprised that I could not find a real Psy Fan Club (at least not in English… my Korean isn’t very good) that we could all be a part of… glad to see you here! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oppa Rod says:

    Psy is the bomb!!!! It’s awesome that you are building a fan page for the “next wave” of performer! I can’t wait to see what’s on here next!

    • Oppa Yoon says:

      Thanks Oppa Rod! Gotta love how Oppa PSY’s become an overnight sensation (only after hustling for 12 years that is lol)! Lots of exciting things planned for Psy Fan Club!

  3. Dj Fine says:

    Psy are the big singer , o o o opan gangnam style !

  4. JP says:

    OUTSTANDING job PSY and his crew, those dancers he uses are great also. His coreogrophar must be awesome also everyone is always right on point. Keep doing your thing, me and my whole fam love ya.

  5. Marlina Koh says:

    Hellow! Thanks for making a fan club for psy! I can’t find one either in english…! There are many things i’m curious about regarding psy, i hope we can help each other with this.. If anyone has link to the recent KBS documentary about psy (they even follow him home) with english subs… Pls share… Thank you!

  6. xtremecute says:

    We made this especially for PSY. So cuuute! :)) share this for all the PSY fans and please like us


  7. PsychoworldUK says:

    Nice to see I’m not the only English cho ^ ^

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