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PSY’s ‘LOVE’ Music Video featuring TAEYANG

Only thing is… both PSY and TAEYANG are NOT in the music video… just dancers. ENGLISH TRANSLATION thanks to Jezkwon & Big_Seunghyun on iLyricsBuzz What we need is love What we need is love Tell it straight; split what to

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Psy’s Brand NEW Official ‘DADDY’ Music Video featuring CL of 2NE1

“Hey! Where’d you get that body from…?!” “I got it from my… DADDY!” Get ready to start dancing again! (^_^)

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NEW! PSY’s HANGOVER featuring Snoop Dogg Music Video

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NEW! Official PSY ‘Gentleman’ Music Video!

Wonder how many people are going to start wearing the MC Hammer inspired pants now… lol So what do you think about this brand spanking new Official PSY ‘Gentleman’ Music Video?

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Gangnam Style Flip Book Video

Check out this amazing Gangnam Style Flipbook Video by ‘etoilec1’ He also has flipbooks of Dragonball Z…

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Psy’s YouTube Record and The Future of Kpop

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PSY Performs Gangnam Style with Hyuna at MAMA 2012

In case you missed Oppa PSY’s LIVE performance with Hyuna at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2012… Not sure why PSY was wearing checkered MC Hammer pants though… LOL Did you stay awake for the entire LIVE broadcast? Until

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Gangnam Style by New Directions on GLEE’s Thanksgiving Episode

There are no words to describe what I think about this performance… I’ve never actually watched an episode of GLEE EVER! Yup. It’s true. I did see one of those High School Musical movies… I really enjoyed that one. Maybe

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Watch PSY at The Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA 2012 LIVE Streaming NOW!

MAMA 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 streaming LIVE from Hong Kong! Thanks to Mnet America for the English Commentary!

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How to Star in Your Own Gangnam Style Video!

Wazzzup PSYchos?! Just saw an email from Laura from JibJab Media… Now you can make your very own Gangnam Style Video! Thanks to JibJab (major kudos to Laura for letting me know about this)! Here’s how: Visit (opens in

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